Extend the Life if Your Garage Floor

Schedule epoxy flooring installation services in Darien, Westport, Monroe, Greenwich or New Canaan, CT

Without the proper protection, your garage floors will crack and deteriorate over time. Fortunately, Regal Line Painting offers epoxy flooring installation services in the Darien, Monroe, New Canaan, Greenwich and Westport, CT areas. We can apply an epoxy resin to the concrete flooring in your garage to protect it from everyday wear and tear. The resin will also add an attractive shine to make your floors look brand-new.

What we use:

  • 100% Solids Epoxy with Decorative Flakes
  • 100% Solids Epoxy Clear Coat

Our prcoess:

  • Grind the floor for adhesion
  • Fill cracks with Epoxy Caulking and/or Epoxy filler
  • Apply 100% solids base coat with decorative flakes
  • And apply a heavy clear coat to seal the flakes.

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See why epoxy floor coatings are so popular with homeowners

See why epoxy floor coatings are so popular with homeowners

Regal Line Painting does epoxy flooring installation work in the Darien, Westport, Monroe, Greenwich and New Canaan, CT areas. We can install an epoxy coating that will:

  • Make your concrete floors shine
  • Allow your floors to support heavy vehicles and equipment
  • Protect your flooring from liquids, chemicals and fires
  • Extremely durable, same products used in car dealerships, floor plants and high traffic areas

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