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Riverside, CT is a small suburban community where neighbors feel like family. Whether you came to this town because it was a close commute to work or you loved the local parks and coffee shops, it's home now. If you need a helping hand sprucing up your property, reach out to Regal Line Painting. We're proud to provide professional painting services in Riverside, CT.

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Choose the right paint color for your property

For over 12 years, we've been a leading provider of painting services in Riverside, CT. Do you want to:

  • Give your bedroom a cozy feel? Blend shades of brown, dark green and burnt orange to create a homey, relaxing vibe.
  • Turn your living room or office into a personal sanctuary? Apply calming colors like blue and green to your living spaces.
  • Boost the appetite of anyone who enters your kitchen? Use bold colors like red and yellow that have been shown to increase appetites.

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