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No building is ever complete without a paint job and it should not be just any paint job but one that will stand the test of time. Contractors and interior designers are always in the hunt for paint brands that would give that finishing touch to their designs. This can only be made possible if the paint is extraordinarily durable and gives that pop of color that would render everyone speechless. Now Benjamin Moore Paints and Exterior Stains are more than able to help with that This brand can be dated back to its founder Benjamin Moore in the year 1883 and his goal was to produce the best quality paints in the industry and deliver it to their customers nationwide. They are a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway which is one of the most recognized companies in the world. Benjamin Moore has stores in various locations across the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, this paint brand can be viewed as a unique brand with over 130 years’ worth of history and whose services can be qualified as top notch. This is because they provide their customers not only with the highest quality paint but also architectural sales representatives that can aid your specifications and color tools needed for the painting of your entire building.

In places such as Fairfield County and Westchester County, Benjamin Moore products are the most used and this also applies to other states. One major attribute that distinguishes Benjamin Moore from other paint brands is that they make use of Gennex Color Technology. The combined forces of the Gennex waterborne colorant and Benjamin Moore paints creates a quality of paint that is simply impossible to replicate by other paint brands. Also, a partnership with ‘Regal Line Painting’ has been ongoing for close to 15 years and this goes to show how trustworthy they are. The following are but a few of the products that Benjamin Moore has to offer various types of environment and building sections;

Interior Paints: Benjamin Moore offers the Aura Bath and Spa Paint, Aura interior paint, Regal select interior paint, Ben interior paint and the Natura Waterborne interior paint to name but a few The Aura Bath and Spa Paint is specifically designed for environments with high relative humidity. While the Natura Paint gives that soothing green colour. The Benjamin Moore’s Color Lock Technology which is specific to their Aura interior and exterior paint enhances the color pigment of the paint which helps to ensure that the color does not fade even after several washings. It also helps to ensure durability of the paint and at the same time give a smooth finish to the surface.

Exterior Paint: Paints from Benjamin Moore are not sold to just anybody. They have a detailed list of retailers whom they have worked with over the years and are certified as trustworthy. That is to say that you can be rest assured that there are no counterfeit products circulating in the market. They also provide online sales for those that are far away from their various store locations. For exterior paint jobs there are also a wide range of products to choose from which include; Aura Exterior Paint, Aura Grand Entrance, Regal Select exterior Paint, Ben Exterior Paint, Regal select exterior high build paint etc. The regal select paint adheres strongly to surfaces which makes it extremely durable while the aura grand entrance gives that rich, clear color to your doors and trims. It is also satisfactorily durable. Benjamin Moore’s paints are also LEED V4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) approved as they are relatively safe and are not harmful to the environment.

Exterior Stains: In order to protect your outdoor furniture and surfaces from the elements, Benjamin Moore presents the Arborcoat Exterior Stain which offers sufficient protection as well as increase the texture of wooden surfaces. Other products include; Composite deck cleaner, Exterior stain prep product which removes all hard and tough stains on any surface.

Primers: Most paint brands do not produce primers which could help the topcoat paint applied to adhere strongly to the surface and be extremely durable. Benjamin Moore however, is not lacking in this area. They offer a wide range of primer products such as; Fresh start premium interior primers, Fresh start premium exterior primers, Natura premium interior primer, Sure seal latex primer sealer etc The latter offers strong adhesion to all surfaces while the natura premium interior primer is the greenest of all their primers and is sure to give you that earthly feeling.


 Specialty: Unlike other paint brands, Benjamin Moore offers a variety of products that can be used in the most unexpected of places. These products include; Studio finishes and Floor & patio latex enamels. The latter is most suitable for latex floors and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Studio finishes however, convert surfaces into magnificent works of art. The effects they both give are quite unique and most especially are extremely durable.

Benjamin Moore products are found in more than 5,000 hardware retail stores in North America and there is still room for expansion. Their services are topnotch and you can be rest assured that there are no fraudulent activities involved. Products ordered can be delivered overnight as a 24-hour service is available. Color consultants are readily available to advice you on how to combine the right paints in order to get the best result. Take a chance today with Benjamin Moore products and Regal Line Painting and make your project the talk of the town.

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