Exterior House Painting Tendencies

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Exterior House Painting Tendencies

Painting your home is always a welcome idea. It makes it look and feel new. However, painting your exterior is not as easy as it looks with so many color trends, tones, and textures to choose from. It is quite a challenge.

If you are looking forward to painting your home, you are right on track. As we try to move away from the tragedies of the pandemic, it is time for a color overhaul, and we are starting with your home first.

The exterior of your home is the first visual impression that everyone sees as they approach your house. While it can be expensive, it is worth the investment. Every year color trends are rolled out by famous brands, designers, and home décor experts, which are poised to capture the latest trend. It cannot be for everyone, but if you have a reason to paint the exterior, this article should put your through.

We cannot tell you the color to paint your exterior, but we have excellent suggestions to help your home live another decade or a score, if we may say, beautifully.

What is hot for 2021?

2021 is a year like no other, and as we step back into normalcy, we need a touch of originality to boost serenity and calmness in our lives. Furthermore, we spend more time indoors, so it is only fair to start the color upgrades from our houses. The hottest color schemes are moving away from the white whites, off-beat gray, to charcoals and neutrals. These are deep, intense, and calming but energetic tones to boost our mental morale and personalities.

It is best to choose solid colors that enhance the curb appeal and reduce the weather effect on the wood panels. Many designers opt for brighter colors and contrast, and tones to give the house some life.

Some hot trends are bronze, warm grays, greens, two-tones, beige, and browns. These colors are great at restoring the wood grain and appeal. Furthermore, they lean towards earth tones and remain in style for years despite new color/paint trends.

2021 will see some solid stains from brands, including Benjamin Moore, among others. These paints are replacing old paint styles and brands, increasing the longevity of wood. If you reside in New England, you will notice that most buildings are massive, old wooden structures used as living quarters occupying a large expanse. While these buildings still remain, they seem out of place with modern buildings. So if your building is one of these, the following colors should help improve its curb appeal.

What’s hot?

This year Benjamin Moore is on fire with 12 incredible color selections for any part of the home, including exterior upgrades. Some of the hottest colors/stains 2021 are:

Black, soot, and charcoal

Kendall Charcoal is neutral, dark but subtle, and blends well into the surrounding light contrast beautifully. Additionally, this color is warm, earthly, and easily tones up or down.  To brighten up this dark color, a touch of Benjamin Moore’s mystic gold is a luxury worth adding.


Whites and off-whites

White whites are becoming outdated, but some still prefer the pristine look it offers to a home. White is beautiful, but it gives no room for imperfection (or shall we call them designer’s mistakes). However, replace loud whites with creamy whites like Benjamin Atrium white and Sherwin Williams Alabaster for added sophistication and luxurious appeal to your exterior.

If you are not a fan of whites or off-white but want something calm, neutral, and sleek, then you will love our pick of Benjamin Moore’s Sea Haze or foggy morning. This paint color is light, smooth, and free.

Aegean Teal

This is the hottest paint color for 2021, and for those looking to create a nature-centric or natural outdoor experience, this is the way to go. Aegean teal is an intriguing, soft but deep paint with a blue undertone that adds a welcoming feel to any home. Furthermore, they pair well with wood too. We opt for Benjamin Moore’s Aegean teal as it blends well with other paint colors beautifully. This color palette will last for decades to come.

What’s coming next?


Grays are making their way into stables, farmhouses, and wooden buildings all over New England. Although most homeowners look at this paint color like beige, it is not. Gray is a warm color and great for reviving old buildings. Additionally, its subtle green undertone creates the perfect modern and Zen atmosphere on any day. We especially love Kingsport gray or Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams’ Mindful gray.


Metallic and Bronze – add a touch of metallic to your exterior and accentuate with other bright colors and lights for that pretty extra look. You can try Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze or Celtic Blue by Benjamin Moore.


Two-tone exteriors are gradually gaining ground now. Homeowners want to add a little something extra to their homes. If you are looking to create a dark and light accent to your space, charcoal, dark gray and white accents are great.  Some amazing two-tones are Gray Huskie 1473 and Blue Spruce 1637 for a touch of blue or Simply White OC-117 with either one to add pop. If you want to add more color, a combo of Black Satin for slides and panels with Hawthrone Yellow for doors, window panels, and rails.

Another excellent combination is teal and yellow for a modern and fun appeal for homeowners or buyers.

Barnyard Red

Since most mew houses are like prehistoric mansions, reds, browns, and burgundy are beautiful colors for a bold and sassy exterior. These colors add a modern appeal to a traditional look while impacting the personality of your entire neighborhood. This is not a color for the faint-hearted, but it works amazingly. Some of our favorite paint colors are Benjamin Moore Classic Burgundy, barn red & chocolate candy brown, or BEHR Barn Red.

What’s outdated?

Exteriors with three or more colors are a no-no. It is not appealing and too much for the eyes. A white exterior is great but pairing it with a white interior is not the best.

Paint colors that do not do justice to the architectural structure of the house are not a good choice. They make your home look flat and uninteresting. When choosing color paint for the exterior, factor in the size, location, purpose, and history behind the building.

Importance of choosing the right exterior color for your house

There are many reasons you should consider painting or improving the exterior appeal of your home. These are why you must do it now.

Eliminate the stains, marks, and imperfections

If your house is old, a thorough scraping and paint job will instantly make the exterior clean, appealing, and alive.

While a superior paint job is fundamental, remember to fix damages and weather marks before painting it. Next, choose a paint color that is trending or one that fits your home. Remember to pick colors that add dimension, depth, and personality to the house.

Painting increases panel longevity.

If the weather does not go on vacation, why should you neglect the exterior of your home? As the times and seasons pass, it takes its toll on your house, and the exterior structure is the first sign of damages and degeneration.

With the right paint job and product, you can easily protect your house from weather reparation by offering a protective coat to prevent water damages.

Increases the aesthetic value

Don’t you like the feeling a new coat of paint brings to a home? It immediately feels free, pops, light and airy. If the building came with a particular color that has been on for years, this is the time to change it to something trending and high-quality. While you are at it, hire a professional to do a clean job.

Increase the value of the home

A well-painted exterior will boost the value of your home to buyers. Everyone loves a beautiful home, and the appeal starts from the outside.

A beautiful exterior is sure to capture the buyer’s attention, and the property value will increase too.

It makes you happier.

Dirt, like clutter, is depressing and a dirty exterior invokes a similar emotion too. If you do not feel happy or excited coming home, your exterior paint might also be a problem. It is time to jazz it up and boost the positive energy around your home.

It makes the home spacious.

If you have never noticed this about a painted home, try it today. When a home is newly painted, it feels opened and less claustrophobic. It is airy, light, and spacious. Additionally, painted homes improve the air quality of the house too.

There are plenty of high-quality paints to change the exterior feel of your home on the market. However, one product stands out in the crowd, the ARBORCOAT exterior stain paint by Benjamin Moore.

What is the ARBORCOAT exterior stain?

Weather is the number one element that damages the exterior paint of many buildings, especially wood. While a paint job will restore the appeal and protect the wood panels, most paints coats on the surface alone. AborCoat is a new type of solid paint by Benjamin Moore that protects the wood against UV, water damage, dew, mildew, and mold while adding the perfect color finish to all wood types.

Unlike other paint coats, it is a translucent semi-solid acrylic paint that is absorbed into the wood, increasing its longevity and prevents dullness and fading but still allowing the grains to shine through.

Available as a solid, semi-solid, semi-transparent, translucent clear coat, and flat, Benjamin Moore’s AborCoat is the perfect paint for long-lasting exterior finishes and protection for your wood panels.

As we said, we will not tell you how to paint your home or which colors to choose, but these should give you a head start into 2021 and beyond. The exterior of your home is significant, so take care of it with the best paints.

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