Epoxy Flooring: All you need to know

Epoxy Flooring: All you need to know

Oftentimes, people get tired of tiling and other forms of flooring, especially as most of these flooring methods are not durable and require repair when they come in contact with heavy traffic and large types of equipment. The people who most need better flooring are people who need to move heavy equipment, and not just them, people who drive heavy cars too. No one likes a garage that has broken floors, they are not pleasing to look at, regardless of the fact that the garage is not a place where proper go to look at floors, it will be nice to have a floor that is not always breaking.

Your best bet at a floor that is not going to cave way anytime soon is Epoxy flooring. Used for commercial and industrial floors because of the durability, Epoxy flooring is made from resin and hardening chemicals. Within a few days, the mixture will harden and turn into flooring which is highly durable and stain-resistant.

Usually, the Epoxy flooring is coated over cement floors that have already been prepped, giving the floor a smooth surface that is highly durable and can be said to be high-performing. This flooring can survive heavy loads, hence the usage in places that are bound to have a lot of heavy load movements. It is easy to clean, so it is loved by industrial and commercial spaces owners, as it is low-maintenance and safe to use for both workers and equipment. Other places Epoxy flooring can be found are car dealerships and high traffic areas. However, it is also a perfect choice for home flooring, especially if you are looking for a smooth strong surface that will not tire you out when you clean. It usually takes about three days to completely install Epoxy flooring.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring

There are several benefits of using Epoxy flooring, here are some of them.

They are stain-resistant: No one likes stain on their floor. When you look at the amount of time and resources that may be spent on cleaning the floor over time, it is not strange that you will want to settle for a flooring that is stain resistant. Cleaning an epoxy floor is very easy, it is as easy as grabbing a mop and cleaning liquid, because of the smooth shiny surface. If you have dogs and children in your house, this is a great option because as much as you love your babies and your pets, they will stain things and you cannot stop them. The best option is to get something that would be easy to clean when they stain it.

They are easily customizable: Sometimes, you get tired of staring at plain flooring and you just want to slap some designs on it, alas, it is not that kind of flooring, so you start considering a complete flooring change. Well, not, Epoxy flooring. When you get tired of staring at the plain flooring, you can always just have it changed. It is easily decorated, to any decoration of your choice. Colors, patterns, swirls, floral, anything you want for your flooring can be applied, as long as you use Epoxy flooring. This is why residential spaces began to adopt them because you want a flooring that brings color to your apartment, and you do not want to break the bank doing it.

They are hygienic: The worst thing that can happen to someone is having molds grow on your flooring, creating allergens, that and the fact that molds are utterly disgusting. Epoxy flooring does not have molds growing at the corners. The installation’s seamless method does not give space for the bacteria to grow. There are no tiny spaces for those uncomfortable biological creatures to thrive.

They are cost-effective: This may be hard to believe because, for something that strong and durable, it must definitely come at a price. Yes, nothing good comes cheap, or easy but while this is not cheap, it is also a less expensive option for flooring. The price of materials and even the installation do not cost so much, so you would not be maxing out your credit card on this expenditure. Also, back to the fact that this is low maintenance, so you will not be spending money on professional cleaning. It is durable, so you will not be due for replacement soon. Very cost-effective option.

They are slip-resistant: Looking at the smooth-shine nature of the Epoxy flooring, your mind quickly goes to slipping. That is not the case with this flooring. Although it is smooth, it does not allow fluid to pass through it, and it is usually installed with a slip-resistant additive, so you are safe. It is the perfect accident-free floor anywhere, including hospitals.

How we apply epoxy flooring.

We apply Epoxy flooring in the best, neatest, and most professional manner available. It is important to note that we offer 100% solids Epoxy with decorative flakes, and 100% solids Epoxy clear coat.

First, we grind the floor for adhesion, because Epoxy will not stay on a floor that is not smooth. Then we fill whatever cracks are on the floor with Epoxy Caulking or Epoxy filler. Actually, we can use both, depending on what you want. Then we go on to apply 100% solids basecoat with decorative flakes, then we close up with a heavy clear coat to seal the flakes that have been previously applied.

This we do swiftly, professionally, and with attention paid to even the smallest detail.

Epoxy flooring is the best option for your garage if you run a car dealership if you have an equipment rental warehouse, and even your living room. It is durable, cost resistant, and is a very great value for your money. On a lighter note, Epoxy flooring is very aesthetically pleasing. Just looking at that bright shiny floor should generally make anyone happy. It can be arranged in perfectly beautiful designs, and the bonus is, your designs would not crack or chip.


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