The Conversion from Oil to Acrylic Paint

The advent of innovation and technological improvements in every aspect of life has affected how we live and push us towards development. This shift can be seen in every sphere of human activities, and for this post, its influence can be seen in painting. For several years, the world has adapted to several painting industry changes, as new techniques have been developed to make home beautification easier and long-lasting. This constant shift has finally heralded the introduction of a new type of paint, acrylic, which has been eased into the market.

To combat this menace, several laws have been put in place, and Connecticut has just passed a bill against the usage of Oil paints. In this article, we would look at VOC in paints, its adverse effects and great acrylic products that are coming into the market.

Combating VOC Emission in Our Environment

The usage of oil paints has been ongoing for a couple of hundred years, and a change was necessary. This was due to the harmful effects that these products are made from, which is associated with health and environmental hazards. For most people who didn’t know, a bucket of paint is made from chemicals, and one such chemical is the VOC, which has an adverse effect on the human body and the environment. The VOC, an acronym for Volatile Organic Compounds, is compounds that possess increased vapor pressure when subjected to room temperature. These harmful components, which are found in high quantity in oil paints, are usually emitted into our atmosphere either as vapor or gases.

So when a house is painted using these products that are high in VOC, the surrounding environment and people put themselves at risk. As the VOC escapes from the paint when subjected to as little as room temperature, thereby posing long and short term health risks. This very reason was the push for the law that stopped the usage and production of paints with high VOC such as lead and oil paint. After several years, the laws have now been passed, and the switch from high VOC paints to healthier ones is on the increase. This move has paved the way for paint products such as acrylic paint to take the market and provide a viable solution.

Based on a steady acceptance of the change from oil paints to acrylic, the switch was a test run on a few states to determine how well it would fare. This test run saw its usage on new buildings to ascertain general acceptance and how its impact on the environment. Over time, this new law would become federal legislation that would stop producing such harmful paint products all over the US. When these laws are finally enacted, improved measures and innovations will ensure that the best standards are being considered.

New Acrylic Paint Products

Since the shift from oil paint to acrylic has become widespread, several brands have moved to that aspect of paint production. These brands have worked to produce quality while making it readily available to everyday users. The move is well applauded by environmental enthusiasts who believe the brands are for once not profit-oriented. So to make the shift easier for you, we would review some of the best acrylic paints manufactured by credible brands. Here is a list of new acrylic paint products in the market.

Benjamin Moore Aura Acrylic Paint

For those who love premium and quality paint products, the Benjamin Moore Aura interior and Exterior paint are great choices for your home finishing. This acrylic paint is made from top-notch material designed to make your paint jobs pop. The Benjamin Moore Aura acrylic paint also has little to no VOC content, and it is safe for home use, thereby reducing any possible health issue. With an array of several products in this catalog, you are sure to get a great pick.

SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Paint

The Sherwin Williams brand is a household name when it comes to the business of household items and general building materials. This brand, which has produced a great array of interior and exterior paint products, comes with a shift from the norm. The Superpaint Interior Acrylic products have taken a spot on the shelf of stores and are a great pick for your home paint jobs. The paint product contains both paint and primer to make the painting process easier. With an array of excellent colors, you can make a pick to suit your taste. Many painters who understand the advantage of this type of acrylic paint prefer it for its binding capabilities.

Farrow & Ball Interior Acrylic Paint

The Farrow and Ball paint takes your paint job to the next level with a huge palette of paint color and design that would make your home or architectural structure look great. This product, made from top quality eggshell technology, allows your paint application easy and adheres to the surface. The use of this acrylic paint eradicates any possibility of VOC emission that might contaminate or lead to any health-related hazards. The products are made under improved safety standards and are made to be safe. Fine Paints of Europe’s Eurolux Interior Acrylic Paint When you need a touch of class and premium quality, very few brands can offer as much as that of Fine Paints of Europe. The Eurolux Interior Acrylic paint has properties such as its low odor and VOC content to improve usage, and an efficient finish that is waterborne for easy adhesion. The product is also a great choice for painters, as it allows for an easy application, thereby making work easier for them. The Eurolux product also has several finishes for their acrylic mix, which range from latex to emulsion finishes. So if you need a product that comes with less stress and a great finish, then the Eurolux Interior

Acrylic paint is the right choice.

The use of acrylic paint is the right step towards the right direction in the battle to help make our world healthier. These acrylic paint products that do not contain chemical agents that are hazardous to the environment need to be endorsed and generally accepted. This would help eliminate our environment hazards and degradation caused by the excessive use of VOC.

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